Sm-Lo-Res-Book-CoverThe large and explosive global Charismatic movement spread in powerful ways in the small and tranquil English-speaking Caribbean. It is here in the deep Caribbean world of demonic possessions, spiritual demons, and supernatural healers where the charismatic movement continues to shape a resilient culture. This ethnography takes a fascinating journey through ten islands and countries to understand the spread of the charismatic movement in the Caribbean as well as gain insights into religion and culture in the region. The central focus is on how charismatic religious leaders develop creative transnational religious networking strategies that help spread the movement and increase its potential to become a greater force in shaping the future in the English-speaking Caribbean. Placing the charismatic movement in the realm of culture provides some highly surprising findings that reveal the potential of a religious movement and its ability for change in a late-modern social world.


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“What James Baldwin in his Go Tell It on the Mountain is to Harlem Pentecostalism, Peter Marina is to Caribbean Pentecostalism in Chasing Religion in the Caribbean. His book is a brilliant, soulful ethnography with the excitement of analytical fireworks. Will you rise above the ethnographic ordinary? Start here.”

– Tony Carnes, Editor,
A Journey through NYC Religions

“Marina’s ethnographic work on Pentecostalism in the Caribbean is outstanding. There are several features that make this book required reading for researchers of Pentecostalism including his descriptive accounts of a range of practices like healing, exorcism, speaking in tongues, social engagement, and many other features. The book fills an important gap in our understanding of the global phenomenon of Pentecostalism with its wide coverage in a region where very little is known.”

– Michael Wilkinson, Professor of Sociology,
Trinity Western University, Canada

“With this intimate, lively account of Pentecostalism in the Caribbean, Marina takes the reader right to the heart of the revival experience. Marina’s book is a must-read for anyone interested in contemporary religion, but more importantly: this book will move you.”

– Sarah Daynes, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology,
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA

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