Sociologist & Ethnographer


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Social Problems
SOC 120
Fall 2021
Tuesday and Thursday 7:45AM – 9:10AM   Room: Wimberly 223
Tuesday and Thursday 2:15–3:40PM Room: Wimberly 141

This course analyzes the major contemporary social problems of our times related to wealth and power, corporate oligarchy, capitalism, social inequality, social change, and problems associated with major societal institutions. Students examine a variety of individual and collective responses and social policy strategies at local, national, and international levels. In the end, students learn to apply the sociological imagination to understand social problems and provide solutions to their remedy. 

Qualitative Explorations 
Sociology 416
Fall 2021
Tuesday 5:30–8:15 PM 
Room: Wimberly 332

This course is designed to familiarize students with the major techniques of qualitative data collection and analysis used by sociologists and other social scientists. These include feminist methods, participant observation, in-depth interviewing, biographical methods, content analysis, archival research, and a variety of nonreactive techniques. This course will also address the links among theory, data, and methods and provide an appreciation for the qualitative tradition in social sciences. Students will learn how to conduct field research. The course will follow a seminar format emphasizing reading, group discussion, in- and out- of class exercises, oral presentations, original research and writing. Prerequisite: SOC 350; SOC 390 or SOC 395. 


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